Questions & Answers
  • Why was CocoBaba created?

    When Emma was pregnant with her first child, she was looking for a safe and effective line that would care for her changing body during her pregnancy—pre and post. She soon realized that there needed to be a body care line for expectant mothers and women who not only loved a luxurious skincare routine but wanted to say goodbye to harmful ingredients.

  • Why is CocoBaba called CocoBaba?

    “Baba” is a nickname Emma’s husband Bruce gave to her years ago. “Coco” is, of course, the main ingredient coconut oil, which has accompanied Emma through a magical time in her life.

  • What is your commitment to sustainability?

    At CocoBaba, we take sustainably very seriously. All of our ingredients are ethically harvested from suppliers we know and trust. Our ingredients are always natural and organic, when possible. Our primary and secondary packaging is fully made of recyclable plastics and paper.

  • Do you test on animals?

    CocoBaba products are never tested on animals and will always be cruelty-free.

  • Do your products contain artificial fragrances?

    Every ingredient and also the perfume are natural. It contains a wonderfully smelling extract from botanically based ingredients.

  • What are the exfoliant particles in your scrub made of?

    The exfoliant particles in our CocoBaba Body Scrub are made from the husk of the coconut shell. Which makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredient.

  • Are your products vegan?

    Yes, they are.

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Butter Mousse
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